About the Artist

Caitlin Newago, Bad River Ojibwe
Anishinaabe Artist

Caitlin Newago is a mother, artist, and tribal member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians.

Currently, she is focusing on modernizing traditional Ojibwe designs and mediums. She uses digital art and quillwork as a way to reconnect with her Anishinaabe culture and learn more of her traditions. 
Creating these pieces and reconnecting with her passion for art has been a vital part of her healing journey. She hopes to promote this healing, connect with and uplift other survivors in the process. 

Bizaanide'ewin is an Ojibwe word, meaning peace of heart. This word very clearly illustrates the purpose and mission of Caitlin's work. The intergenerational trauma within Native communities is ravaging the traditional ways of life. In her own journey, she is addressing these traumas and working to break the cycle- leading to peace of heart not only within herself, but those around her and impacted by her work.

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